From ambition to performance

About Prosessio  

Prosessio provides services in organizational and leadership development, leadership team development, team development, mental training, mentoring, as well as individual mentoring with leaders and employees. We assist organizations in creating a performance culture, teams in becoming high-performing, and individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. Through evidence-based methods, Prosessio fosters lifelong development and learning, helping you transition from ambition to performance.

Prosessio offers both customized solutions and ready-made programs, courses, and workshops. Prosessio collaborates with several partners who  maintain a high level of expertise in their field. We use research-based learning methods that we know are effective for creating excellent performances ,and which provides desired effect for our clients.

My Story

I have always been curious about and interested in what the business world can learn from sports, as well as what sports can learn from the business world. Additionally, I have had a deep passion for self-leadership, mental health, workplace joy, mastery, and a focus on details to create excellent performances.

I have had the pleasure of inspiring and assisting many leaders, employees, performance teams, and athletes. With me, you are met with trust, curiosity, realism, and honesty, and I challenge where it is right and necessary. I have found that my expertise, combined with my way of being and teaching, has contributed to the development and behavioral change of others. However, my clients have always done the most important work themselves!

Hege Brekke

Prosessio on Mental Training

It's an Inside Job

In this episode, we explore the power of mental training and well-being in the workplace with Hege Brekke, the founder of Prosessio. We discuss the importance of self-awareness, adapting to different situations, and intentional changes in behavior. We also touch upon being present, the modes of learning versus performance, imposter syndrome, positive self-talk, and self-regulation. Overall, the episode emphasizes the value of mental training for personal growth and creating a positive work culture.


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